Saturday, October 09, 2004

Cats as follows:
Josephine is a Russian Princess kitty who escaped the terrors of the revolution and all that followed. Sharkie - the black one sleeping�foolishly!� next to the back door, and she came together as best friends at the Turtle House, that green thing I've painted so very many times. Josephine got a weed thing in her eye and it got infected and she lost the eye. She's not wearing her patch in this picture. She and Sharkie had to split up. Sharkie moved on to a house where he's allowed to sit by the fire, inside, and Josephine lives in a nice apartment in Sacramento now. Oh the lives we see!!

I got an MRI of the orbits yesterday. Fell asleep in the tube they stick you in while all the machinery bangs away like Flann O'Brien's mad Professor DeSelby next door. One of my eyes is sticking out too far, so they gotta see what the deal is. I love the MRI images - they act as a way to get a different picture of the bodies we inhabit. That is, we have a self-image of our bodies, but it has very little to do with the actual physical dimensions, much less the biochemical micro realities going on all the time. By that I mean, we don't really have any sense of the oxygen transfer going on in our blood and lungs all the time, but it's as real as a beesting - we don't really have a good sense of these bodies, so the MRI is just a reminder of what these things REALLY look like. I'll post it if I get a chance to scan the film.


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