Saturday, January 08, 2005

here's the poorman at his best

and it's Richard Linklater, not Art.
two great links from boingboing:

young girl prevented from sketching in a museum because the matisse and picassos and what not are COPYRIGHTED.

we've forgotten that the term copyright originally meant "the right to copy" a work. anyway, for how long has it been a practice of artists young and old to copy works in a museum? this is insane. THEY (you know who I mean) want to control everything!

and... another movie based on a Philip K. Dick work - A Scanner Darkly, directed by Art Linklater (Waking Life):

blog on the new movie

images from the movie

PKD is one of my favorite authors. I remember the feeling I had when I read my first (Time Out of Joint) - I ran around in circles in the kitchen at Las Tusas... quoting... !

back on North Street... plans for New Mexico just didn't work out, for reasons, if there are any, that aren't clear to me now. My Eight Ball is still in storage, so I'm flying blind.

I've got a new studio, at 311 North Street, #25 - still in fixup phase, but will be workable soon.

I'm getting excited about doing some animation, starting with the I am a dog story line and cast of characters. then perhaps doing What I Did Today, Why I Paint, and other projects.

Please read the poorman. He's got it right. We've got to stop the torture. It feels like we're spiraling down into the Hell Realms. Our Prison Nation (we've got the highest incarceration rate of any society anywhere anytime) is now the nation that seems to think torture is not so bad, or at least not as interesting as whatever is on TV right now...

snow on the ground, and I can't help thinking about those saguaro cacti