Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Thanks to Lance Mannion for the nice mention in his blog. I got connected to Lance via James Wolcott who is the most mellifluously wonderful writer since, well, Flann O'Brien, whose name I mention probably because I was reading a bit of The Third Policeman this morning while having my forbidden coffee at the Lenox Coffee shop where I go because I'm less likely to be seen there by someone I know... but being spotted there is happening more and more, and the staff is increasingly insolent (what did I ever do to them?) so who knows? But the coffee is good, so I'll probably continue to put up with yakking with friends and impertinent staff...

Back to Lance - he writes about movies sometimes, and I love movies, so there you go.

I haven't been writing much due to health problems - but they've gotten better and I'm getting used to them - one or the other or both - so I want to get back to it.

And thanks to Paul for the items. I read a piece in the New Yorker yesterday about global warming. Combine that with thoughts from Jared Diamond's new book, and you get a nice pic of our so-called civilization whistling along to its own destruction. I get wrought up by such thoughts - anxiety is my middle name - and I try to get the big picture to calm down: many lives, many worlds. It's all happened before and will without end. We'll always be here. We hope getting it better each time. For the sake of the Absolute. Please buy one of my paintings before it's too late.