Saturday, July 23, 2005

Storm a comin'. Had to wonder what might be hiding behind that gigantic lense-shaped cloud.

Lotta lightning, buckets of rain, wind so that I had to nail everything down in the semi-outdoors studio. lots of fun!

sitting the epic cafe now, about to start working again on Death As A Salesman - the performance piece I've urged my twin sister dorothy to perform. I'll do the writing and stay home and do phone interviews only.

Here are some titles of songs that will be in the show - Here's what you'll hear!

Words Fail Me
All Too Soon
I Dreamed the Dream of the Death of Iven B.
Hungry For Hell
I'll Take the Lobotomy If I Can Keep the TV

and many many more

It goes without saying that these will not be available in any store!

But it will be continuously performed here

if you can find it. Good Luck!

Been hitting some golf balls here - in Tucson, slightly guilt inducing, since one has to ask of the city in general, where does the water come from? I guess we take modern engineering and such so much for granted that such questions - like where does the water come from? Will it run out? - just don't make any sense to people. All that aside, I have to get ready for heavy duty golf death matches with my lawyer P. Rapp. We're contemplating putting together a Storefront Artists Golf League. Interested?

Via Brad Delong and Billmon is some relevant material - here's Jared Diamond at a recent speech, answering a question:

Diamond reported that his students at UCLA tried to imagine how the guy who cut down the LAST tree [on Easter Island] justified his actions. What did he say? Their candidate quotes: "Fear not. Our advancing technology will solve this problem." "This is MY tree, MY property! I can do what I want with it." "Your environmentalist concerns are exaggerated. We need more research." "Just have faith. God will provide."

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Here in tucson with record setting heat. Makes things seem kind of quiet.

I'm painting with oils right now - if I tried to use acrylics here they would dry on the brush before I even got close to the canvas. Acrylics eat up brushes too fast even in the best of circumstances.

Much work on "Why I Paint" - a tribute to Joe Brainard's "I Remember".

If you've got any interest in learning about Buddhism, please look into B. Allan Wallace's "Buddhism with an Attitude". Not a great title, but a wonderful introduction to Buddhism in the form of a study of the Mind Training Points.

Jared Diamond is getting lots of coverage lately. Hope it's in time!

Here's evening at the ranch:

that's my painting light in the background left. Thanks Heather! Hope you enjoy your time in Spain!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I'm in Tucson for a month or so. Nice and warm.