Monday, May 22, 2006

Self Portrait As An Old Dog.

You ever feel this way? Like there's a full moon and you just don't feel like howling, much as you'd like to, and as much as you feel it's your responsibility to howl at the moon. It's your job. But still, no enthusiasm. Even Sun Ra felt that way occasionally. I know I feel that way sometimes.

Have I told you about Dorothy's new blog? One of the reasons I feel like I do, maybe. I'm always depressed when I feel a competition coming on. I'd rather just declare myself winner. Anyway, it's her own blog and it's called Don't Surrender, Dorothy, and if she doesn't start getting some traffic soon I will get no rest.

We're going to be working together a bit later on the DVD version of Death As A Salesman. It will be fun. I'm looking for something along the lines of They Might Be Giants. The movie, not the group.


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